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What’s Inside: My Offerings

Once you book a session with Precise Photography, you’ll get the key to our secret sauce - Your exclusive client guides and perfectly timed reminders for your session . I want you to feel taken care of from start to finish. I want to enhance not only your session experience but your time here in Florida. Why? Because I truly love Florida and a cornerstone of my business is to share that love with you.

I not only answer all your questions before you even think of them (what to wear, location details, and e-x-a-c-t-l-y what to expect during our session), I also share the curated visitor guide of my favorite beaches/restaurants/activities so you can live like a local. See more of what I offer below.


In this guide you will get the rundown of my entire process and what to expect at all points of your session. What to bring and what not to bring along to your photoshoot. Colors to wear and patterns to avoid. I also include a wide variety of clothing for your session within my Client Closet, so you don't have to hassle with shopping. Although it is a perfect excuse to go get some adorable new clothes for the family ;)


I don't expect you to be an expert on the locations at hand here in Florida, That's why you have chosen me - because I am the pro and have lived her for 20+ years. This guide incudes secret locations I have sited out with picture refences and beautiful historic areas. I have tracked the sun for the past 2 years and know precisely the right times for those melted Florida sunsets. It includes pictures, maps, instructions and even nearby dinner recommendations.


Florida is so much more then tiki bars and beautiful water.... There is a fun spirit to the Gulf side of Florida. Full of stunning landmarks, deep history, great fishing spots (Tarpon capitol), and boat tours with the dolphins that you wouldn't want to miss. Whether you just wanna kick back (#1 beaches in America) or go on a greater adventure.... I am here to guide you, or so my guide that you can refer to at anytime! I include must go places, best beaches, charter references with a discount, best restaurants, and more. All Florida local favorites!

I have always found passion in making others lives easier and as a photographer I have the privilege to carry this passion through the connects I make with my clients, each unique. My job is to bring you the best experience through my services and deliver images that 'wow' you, your family, and friends for years to come. Take the hassle out of photoshoots and your vacations.

I cannot wait to connect with you!

-Kayla Lewis

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